How to Submit a Study

How to Submit a Study

To send us your study submission, register an account in our electronic portal, IRBManager, and then complete the New Study Submission form applicable to your study type (seven xForms are available):

  • Single-Investigator (for Expedited Review or Full Board studies)
  • Multi-Investigator (for Expedited Review or Full Board studies)
  • Additional Investigator (to be completed by sites involved in a Multi-Investigator study)
  • Compassionate Use (Expanded Access/Single Patient)
  • Education-Social Behavior
  • Humanitarian Use Device (HUD) Project
  • Exempt Project

Tutorials and a User Manual for the system are available - or call us at (512) 326-3001. We would be happy to give you a personalized online demo.

Do you need help deciding what type of review you need?

There are three types of Initial Review:

1. Full Board Review
2. Expedited Review
3. Exempt Determination

Here are the categories of Exempt Determination and Expedited Review:

Exempt Determination Categories

Expedited Review Categories

If your study does not fall into any of these categories then it will require a Full Board review.

Our Client Services group can help you determine what type of review and which forms you need to complete, when assistance is needed.

Contact us at clientservices@integreview.com or if you require assistance completing your submission form, please contact our Quality Assurance Department at (512) 326-3001 or submissions@integreview.com.

Click here to view IntegReview’s submission deadlines for Full Board reviews. Expedited Reviews and Exempt Determinations have no submission deadlines.