How to Submit a Study

How to Submit a Study

To send us your study submission register in our portal IRBManager and then complete the New Study Submission form applicable to your study type (six xForms are available):

1. Single-Investigator (use for Expedited Review or Full Board)
2. Multi-Investigator (use for Expedited Review or Full Board)
3. Additional Investigator (to be completed by sites involved in a Multi-Investigator study)
4. Compassionate Use (Expanded Access/Single Patient)
5. Exempt Project
6. Education-Social Behavior

Tutorials and a User Manual for the system are available - or call us at (512) 326-3001. We would be happy to give you a personalized online demo.

Do you need help deciding what type of review you need?

There are three types of Initial Review:

1. Full Board Review
2. Expedited Review
3. Exempt Determination

Here is a link to a Determination Guide. If your study does not fall into any of these categories then it will require a Full Board review.

Our business development group can help you determine what type of review and which forms you need to complete, when assistance is needed.

Contact us at businessdevelopment@integreview.com or if you require assistance with your submission form, please contact our Quality Assurance Department at (512) 326-3001 or submissions@integreview.com

Click here to view IntegReview’s submission deadlines for full board reviews. Expedited review and exempt determinations have no submission deadlines.