Client Affirmations

Client Affirmations

Client Affirmations - Client Affirmations

"I want to say how THRILLED I was with the first submission experience! I love your online system. It’s so much more efficient than the process we used with the previous IRB we worked with. It allowed me to build things as I went and made it almost impossible to make mistakes. I look forward to our next project with IntegReview."

"We love working with IntegReview."

"I could never express how wonderful your team is. We enjoy working with IntegReview sooo much, if it was up to us we would always use your team. You go beyond the call of duty to assist us with anything we need. I could never thank you all enough for all of your help and assistance."

"We have worked with IntegReview since 2015, all of our contacts since then have been very helpful, professional, and prompt to respond."

"Our new favorite IRB!"

"I wanted to thank IntegReview for their assistance with my project. Unfortunately, we were unable to enroll and I have been forced to close the study, but IntegReview made the process of completing the IRB proposal very straightforward and user-friendly. I look forward to submitting another protocol to IntegReview in the future."