Client Affirmations

Client Affirmations

Client Affirmations - Client Affirmations

"I want to say how THRILLED I was with the first submission experience! I love your online system. It’s so much more efficient than the process we used with the previous IRB we worked with. It allowed me to build things as I went and made it almost impossible to make mistakes. I look forward to our next project with IntegReview."

"We love working with IntegReview."

"I could never express how wonderful your team is. We enjoy working with IntegReview sooo much, if it was up to us we would always use your team. You go beyond the call of duty to assist us with anything we need. I could never thank you all enough for all of your help and assistance."

"We have worked with IntegReview since 2015, all of our contacts since then have been very helpful, professional, and prompt to respond."

"Our new favorite IRB!"

"I wanted to thank IntegReview for their assistance with my project. Unfortunately, we were unable to enroll and I have been forced to close the study, but IntegReview made the process of completing the IRB proposal very straightforward and user-friendly. I look forward to submitting another protocol to IntegReview in the future."

"We have used IntegReview for many years on many studies and have always found them to be extremely quick to turn documents around, and there is always someone there to answer our many questions! The approval documents and ICF footers make version control easy."

"I have worked with many IRB's, primarily Academic Medical Center IRB's where the response time for questions can be quite lengthy. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to interact with this IRB for such a mission critical purpose."

"It has been my experience that IntegReview response time is typically immediate but at most a few hours if the questions are more complicated. The review period is very reasonable, customer service is outstanding, the expertise is excellent, and the pricing is cost-effective. We are a small pharmaceutical company and depend upon IntegReview to assist us in meeting our critical and sometimes difficult timelines."

"I have worked with many IRB's, primarily Academic Medical Center IRB's, where the response time for questions can be quite lengthy. IntegReview response time for questions is typically immediate, but within a couple of hours at most. This is critical to meeting timelines. The review times are very reasonable, customer service is outstanding and expertise is sound. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to interact with this IRB for such a mission critical purpose."

"IntegReview delivered everything they promised and went above and beyond. The transition was seamless and incredible."

“As a former research coordinator on the site side and now in industry as a clinical trials manager, I have worked with many various IRBs throughout my days. IntegReview exceeded all of my expectations and was one of the easiest, smoothest approval processes. You have an extremely personable and helpful staff that saw to our approvals as their top priorities and remained in prompt communication when needed.”

“IntegReview IRB is a well-oiled research reviewing machine, and I have greatly enjoyed working with IntegReview IRB’s staff. Customer service is excellent; the responsiveness to questions, concerns and submissions has been fast and thorough; and the helpfulness of all the IntegReview staff I have had contact with has been wonderful.”

“If you are looking for an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that provides quality review of submissions, quick turn-around time, and excellent customer service, then look no further. IntegReview offers all of the above with a professional staff that is more than willing to help make the submission process as easy and painless as possible.”

“IntegReview’s customer service goes above and beyond other independent IRBs.”

“IntegReview provides prompt service, properly conformed documents and knowledgeable staff to answer questions in unusual situations.”

“You can always get someone on the phone when you call; ease of completion of reports.”

“Easy to obtain and submit forms for submission; clear and timely receipt of document approvals. ALSO, upon asking for a verbal approval, status update or other special requests, the staff has been very helpful and has done their best to accommodate these requests quickly and efficiently.”

“When I receive an approval from IntegReview I am confident that our study is sound, our methods are safe and our subjects are well informed and protected as much as possible.”

“IntegReview staff are very professional and perform high quality reviews and follow-ups in a timely manner; this, in addition to one of the fastest turnaround times (for protocol reviews) in this arena, sets you guys apart!”